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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bursting bubbles

waiting for godot to leave blog has A discussion on how Flannery O'Connor tends to use grotesque examples to show how God tends to burst the safe bubbles where so called Christians live by following the rules.

key text: they're good but they ain't right.

yeah. one of my pet peeves against church ladies etc. (including the PC nuns who "help" the poor, as if the poor are pets).

and this later post explains why my neice, after twelve years of Catholic school, doesn't know Jesus.

he quotes from here:

All are welcome aboard the Cruise Ship of Peter -- they even have a song about it that they sing at the beginning of Mass! -- all, that is, except anyone who might rock the boat.  What might the Cruise Ship do, one is tempted to wonder, with a Francis of Assisi, or a Dominic de Guzman, or a Catherine of Siena, or an Alphonsus Liguori, or a Fulton Sheen?  Would they have to walk the plank?... Can one picture Father Augustine Tolton on board, his soul blazing like a beacon from the crumbling lighthouse of his overworked body, his trembling hands raised amid the mellow strains of "On Eagle's Wings"?

as to my neice, the good news is that her Presbyterian mom is involved with the local Baptist bible study and took her there for Christmas service.

I'm not sure that Baptists are any better than suburban Catholicism, but at least they stress a personal relationship with Jesus, something that is stressed by Pope Francis (and is similar to the B. Gita, where a non ritualistic way to obtain nirvana is to passionatly follow a god).

Once Jesus takes hold of you, there is at least a chance of being honest.

Uh, cult like thinking?


Sister Schreck spoke also of sisters putting away the former concepts of religious institutions in order to journey into “Holy Mystery Time”—reflecting the theme of the LCWR 2014 assembly—and becoming “exiles.” “We will sell our souls if we stay in the place of wanting be part of the mainstream, thus becoming something other than we were intended to be,” she said.
The keynoter also claimed that LCWR sisters have a “clarity of identity and purpose which we cannot expect those who have not taken the journey and done the work ever to be able to understand.” Conversely, she spoke of sisters being in a “middle space,” a state of “both creativity and disorientation” in which “much of what was is gone, and what is coming is not yet clear.”
This does not sound like clarity of identity and purpose

no, it sounds like the tirade of a cult leader.

They are the elite going to change the world, and everyone else is wrong.

and using code words and name calling is not the same as a logical explanation of why they oppose the church and traditional christianity.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

heh. A nun defends the helpless and speaks truth to power


she pulled down the terroist's flac, but denies it was a terroist flag... but only a religious flag misused by hotheaded yuts  young men.

and notice about everyone there upset about the Israelis defending themselves in Gaza, but not about hamas use of human shields, use of schools and hospitals to send up rockets, or building tunnels using child labor.

And no one seems upset about the 70 thousand casualties in Syria or the latest massacres in Iraq either. Guess it's agnosia.

Father Z updates on the Pricilla Queen of the desert nuns


Sr. Joan and Sr. Mary Lou think that the LCWR sisters should cry out!
Dearest Sisters [of the LCWR], you have done nothing wrong. It is your obligation as religious to ask the questions that need to be voiced. It is the holy responsibility of religious to stand with those who are most bereft. Be proud of the questions you have asked, the speakers you invited to your assemblies, the statements you issued, the liturgies you celebrated. Go to the microphone and say: We believe in feminist theology and in women’s ordination; we believe in the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender population and we will continue to speak aloud on these issues.
They want the assembled sisters to be prophetic.

yeah. They believe in feminist theology, and dancing like Pricilla in honor of their guru last year, but not in Jesus Christ.

the Pricilla reference is here:

although I must say that Elrond looks better in a dress than these old ladies.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

those expensive Bishop's residences

Steinfels replies at Commonwheal, of all places:

If you know anything about real estate prices and about the number of archdiocesan residences built in the day when American Catholics expected their leaders to live like VIPs, as well as about the number of archbishops’ residences that also house offices, reception areas, chapels, and rooms for other priests—well, then, you might be surprised that CNN’s Belief Blog found only ten of 34 archbishops so shamefully lodged.  Certainly I was.  And I suspect CNN was also. This was one of those stories that has its headline before it was even begun. CNN makes a big deal of its “investigation”—confirming addresses, checking public records, and even hiring appraisers.  But suppose that not ten but only eight or even five residences were found to be worth more than $1 million.  Wouldn’t the headline still have read “The Lavish Homes of American Archbishops”?  What is the likelihood that it would read “Despite Stereotypes, Most Archbishops Don’t Live in Luxury”?  Even the present story indicates that over two-thirds of the archbishops’ residences fell below that damning million-dollar mark. 
Our "house" here in the Philippines would probably be worth that much if it was in Manila inner city or in Boston. But we house two families, our offices, a rice packing area, a large meeting room, and several staff, plus visitor rooms to sleep overnight.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Culture of death? What culture of death?

Wesley Smith points out what I have said about the Hobby Lobby part of the law: If left to stand, it would essentially nix conscience.

The denial of conscience has significant implications beyond birth control, and raises the question of whether medical professionals may be required one day to kill.
That’s the subject of my biweekly First Things column. First, I set up the problem.From, “Will Doctors be Forced to Kill?”The wailing and gnashing of teeth in some quarters over the modest Hobby Lobby decision has me worried. Apparently, many on the political port side of the country believe that once a favored public policy has been enacted, it immediately becomes a “right” that can never be altered or denied. More, once such a “right” is established for the individual, others should have the duty to ensure access—even at the cost of violating their own religious consciences.
If such thinking prevails, medical professionals could be forced to participate in the taking of human life, for example in abortion, assisted suicide, and (given the research trends in regenerative medicine) providing treatments derived from the intentional destruction of human embryos or fetuses.
I get into the ACLU trolling for clients to (I believe) bring suit against religious institutions or individuals that have denied the right to interventions and transactions–even those like abortion and assisted suicide that involve killing.
I point out that the RFRA does not protect these conscientious objections from state laws that allow medicalized killing and that the religious left is not about to cooperate in creating any more state laws in this regard because of its potential impact on issues such as gay rights.
And I note that much of the medical establishment is hostile toward medical conscience. I conclude that forcing medical professionals to be complicit in killing could result in a professional culling:

can you say "Death panels" children?

And it goes beyond the obvious: It also includes forced rationing according to guidelines.

Just remember: The Lockerbie Bomber was released from jail as dying, but once he got treatment denied to him by the British rationing board, he lived for over two years.

and if you are handicapped or old, they will browbeat you into signing "end of life" papers to stop treatment.

Did I ever tell you about the woman who was allowed to die in the ER with a food bolus in her trachea because she signed a paper saying no respirator? So the doc would not refer her for a bronchoscopy to remove the food.

After that, we stopped pushing our patients to sign the damn papers.


Title IX is now being used to push colleges to integrate transgenders into their chosen dorm, even when the colleges are Christian. from ann althouse:

"For 123 years, our housing policy has been to house students by their anatomy..."“I think the fact that Jayce is choosing to stay at George Fox shows the university community has been supportive of him during his whole experience here,” [said Rob Felton, a university spokesman.] “We may have a difference of opinion on appropriate housing, but all indications are he has been treated well by his peers, professors and our student life staff.”...
“I want other transgender and L.G.B.T.Q. people to see that they can have a place in faith-based education,” [Jaycen] said. “The fact that I’m here is proof of that.”...
 So, one question is whether Title IX should determine what policy schools can have and another is whether there should be religion-based exemptions.

But the federal government's position says it's sex discrimination in violation of Title IX not to accede to the student's self-identification.


another botched execution.Posted at 8:52 am by Glenn Reynolds   

Actually I agree with JP2: If you are able to jail them forever, there is no need to kill them (although I point out in more primitive worlds, there is a good argument that the death penalty is needed to keep society safe).

But this should not be surprising: The "humane" killers know these drugs don't always work well, which is why they include putting a plastic bag over the head of the victim, and keeping him from removing it. If you just overdose, it may take 24 hours and sometimes they wake up and change their mind.

and, like the hemlock given to Socrates, they paralyze the patient so the onlookers don't get upset. But a lot more frightening to the one being killed...


I sing the body electric:

again from instapundit.

 Feds Spending $10 Million to Build Robot Companions for Children. “Just like a good personal trainer, we want the robots to be able to guide the child toward a behavior that we desire.”

excerpt from the twilight zone here.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stratford Caldecott

Father L has a three part post on his conversion story.

More about how he saw the universe than dogma.

I began to realize that no matter how much grace is present in the other religions, it is only Christianity that knows the secret of how grace enters the world. Without the cross, no ‘religion’ would suffice – were it founded on the Beatitudes themselves. Christ came not primarily to teach, but to do. He came to die for us (as Chesterton points out eloquently in The Everlasting Man).
It was through the Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar (d. 1988) that I finally came to understand what it was that truly makes Christianity different from any other religion under the sun. Sure enough, it is the sacramental principle – but that only makes sense in connection with the Incarnation, and the Incarnation reveals the Trinity. The fact is that Christianity is not to do with states of consciousness at all, or with liberation to be attained through enlightenment. I had once made the mistake of thinking that that was the only thing a religion could be about. Christianity is about salvation, not enlightenment; an ontological change, a change in the substance of reality itself, brought about by the sacrifice of the Son of God. In fact you might say that the Asian religions would have been correct on all counts, as true as true can be, if Christ had never been born or died on the Cross. They describe with perfect accuracy the nature of reality and of awareness as it would appear to us without the revelation of God’s love.

I'm reading Caldecott's book on Tolkien right now

Saturday, July 19, 2014

for later reading

Tielhard and the animals.

animal rights folks and the noosphere.

but hey, what about robots?

for later reading. I've been sick and my attention span is about five seconds

and you know, a lot of this stuff is plagerized from science fiction. HGWells? Frankenstein? Cordwainer Smith anyone?
Hell, Planet of the Apes.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


TeaAt Trianon links to an article on exorcism.

For later reading.