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Monday, August 15, 2005

Today is the feast of the Assumption, and also VJ day.

Since the war here in the Philippines started on the feast of the Immaculate conception (Dec 8th) it seems strange...

My stepson is so full of self hatred, thanks to his mother...who reminds me of Warnie Lewis's evaluation of Mrs Moore, that she chose to hate.

I gave him the novel "Father Elijah", which has a subplot of Elijah confronting the man who betrayed him and the man who hid him as a child from the Nazis...and having to show him forgiveness...

Update on what's up.
We were in Borachay, where a relative was opening a small hotel (6 rooms) on the beach. Lots of Koreans diving there. A bit stormy, but then that's why it's "off season"...
My stepson is back to normal.
We are trying to start a will be essentially Evangelical...which is okay by me but I'm Irish enough to be cynical about churches who twist Catholic doctrine to make converts and who think I'm probably going to hell for not converting.
But then, he has all sorts of stuff up on the bulletin board about "God grants our work successs" (hmm...JC was a failure, guys) and "an honest employee works hard" (never mind you are working for a pittance).
Personally, I prefer to be a missionary, but no one here seems to want a lowly MD...and if I simply gave my services for free, the patients couldn't afford to buy the medicine.
But I do try to keep my hubbie happy...and for some reason, I am enjoying the leisure...and have no desire ever to work as a doc again...I guess I am burnt out...all I remember are the tradgedies, and the nurses who used passive aggressive stuff against me to try to ruin me (sometimes even harming patients to do it)...
No, I don't need that type of thing.