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Sunday, September 14, 2008

And a child shall lead them

A couple months ago, on another blog, I had written about the birth of Trig Palin, and how his parents saw his birth as a miracle of God not as a punishment.

So when Palin was chosen to run as Vice President by McCain, I was happy, but since I live in the Philippines, not especially involved in the election.
Yet that night, I kept getting the feeling I should pray for her. My friends who are better Christians than I am would say that God put the burden on my heart to do this. So I prayed for her, along with my prayers for the sick and my family.

But it wasn't until a few days later that I discovered why: for when I started surfing the net on the following Monday, I found all sorts of horrible accusations against her and her family, most of which have turned out to be untrue and the others exaggerated out or proportion.

Since then, the attacks continue, and many of the attacks come down to: she has children, and didn't abort them, even her last child.

Most of the attacks are oblique: variations of :Should a mom who has a retarded child work outside the home?

Others are more open, ridiculing her child as if she only gave him life so she could make a political statement. One woman even said bluntly that Palin's only qualification was that she failed to abort her child. (untrue, by the way: I had read about her as a possible VP choice, based on her good job as Alaska governor before her child was born).

But the worst comment came from a Canadian doctor's group, who lamented that when women see Palin chose to have her child, many of them may follow her example and will not abort their children.

Prenatal screening kills most of these kids before they are born.

But we can't just blame the parents. Often they know little or nothing about children with Downs syndrome, and often are pressured into a quick abortion decision (since waiting might mean risking a viable baby).

Some of my patients don't want screening at all. But now there are blood tests and ultrasound that can hint if there is a high chance of Downs syndrome or other problems; the only "accurate" way is amniocentesis, which has a small risk of miscarriage (for younger women, the risk of miscarriage is higher than the risk of Down's syndrome...but with the new screening you can screen only high risk infants).

Ultrasound isn't only to abort kids: It lets us know where the placenta is, how many kids there are and may pick up defects to be fixed by perinatal surgery.

Yet too often Ultrasound has been a way to target and many parts of Asia (not here, thank God) the target is merely being a girl...

But for American feminists, who see their sexuality as the enemy, children are only wanted as a commodity, not as a normal part of life, and too many of them have aborted their children.

This leaves a hole in their lives and conscience.

The NYTimes had an article a few weeks ago about single women worried on who will take care of them when they are old.

I always worried too, but since I was single to follow God's will, I figured God would handle the problem. (I have since married).

So the sad part is the feminists who often have had abortions see the issue with great emotions: better to condemn Catholics and Christians and others who say the baby is a gift of God than to admit that they "had no choice"...

Yet the irony? Both Bill Clinton and Obama's mothers essentially had these "unplanned" children in situations where many women would merely have aborted for convenience.

Both the mothers, with their own parent's help, went on to go to college and both children were partly raised by the grandparents, Obama as an older child, Bill Clinton as a toddler so his mother could go to nursing school.

So the irony is that the main Democratic abortion politicians were saved from abortion because their mothers chose life.

Yet neither see a problem with their followers demonizing a woman who also choses life...