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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Framing the issue to silence the faithful (first draft).

Homophobia shouted the headlines.
Who? The pope.

It seems that the Pope started talking about "human ecology" being destroyed by gender blurring he was under fire for being "homophobic".

The press took Benedict's words out of context, yet the speech didn't even mention the word gay or lesbian.

But just like Paul VI was correct in pointing out the consequences of making sex a guilt free act that had nothing to do with responsibility or children, so too the confusion of sexual identity that is one consequence of the sexual revolution has long reaching societal consequences. And "gay marriage" is a symptom of this confusion, not the cause of it.

Like most issues, this one has many sides, most of which are subtle, but the error the Pope is pointing out is the idea prevalent in universities that gender doesn't exist: gender is merely "imposed" on you by society.

The other idea behind this rejection of gender has to do with the idea is that all Rules are bad (we need to be "free" to make up our own lives).

Combine the two ideas, and you get the assumption that if we are to be truly free, we need to destroy the laws and customs that limit our freedom to chose what sex we belong to.

Then it goes to the next step: seeing men and women the same, so that laws recognize women have families and bear children are eliminated.

Even the "mother" of feminism, Betty Frieden, criticized this, pointing out that most women need laws to enable them to work and raise a family, not make laws that try to fit women into a male work week.

Similarly, any institution that sees men as men and women as women is to be eliminated: which makes marriage, which for 50 thousand years or so has been between men and women, is considered a problem.

And the "gender confusion" of society encoded into law has many consequences, from persecution of churches who refuse to condone gay marriage (under civil rights laws) to the "trophy children" of gay couples, raised without the balance of male and female role models.

Biologically, gender does matter: Hormones matter, and having babies matters, and both genetics and hormones make the brain work differently in men and women.

Yet as Edith stein pointed out, yes, women can do many of the same jobs as men because God gave them the talent to do the work, but women and men also bring into these jobs the gift of their masculinity or femininity.

Even if one has no belief in God one can suggest that biology and anthropology and evolution all have reasons why men and women need to complement each other in marriage, so that children can be raised in safety and love.

And a healthy "human ecology" encourages customs that build on biological reality by devising rules to encourage men to "pair bond" with a woman. For it is mainly in the institution of marriage that humans become mature, learn to sacrifice for the family's sake, learn responsibility for children and the elderly members, and provide a safe haven to nurture children.

That is why the Pope's address was indeed about human ecology: because when a society promotes a false "freedom from one's inborn gender, and imposes laws to destroy societal institutions that don't agree, the end result is that difference, it destroys the family.

And once you destroy the family, the individual is left alone and isolated, without help or support. And those who will be devestated the most will be the poor, the sick, the children, and the elderly.

Yes, the government in rich countries can try to fill in the gap of the support lost by destroyed families, but I find it interesting that those who voted against the Gay marriage law in California came from poor minorities (blacks and Hispanics) who have suffered the most from the devestation of destroyed family life.

And the bad news is that this devestation will be celebrated with words about freedom and love, ignoring the isolation and misery of loneliness that is the true fruit of the destruction of family life.


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