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Thursday, June 24, 2010

EWTN now on youtube


I prefer the RSS feed which is MP3, but now videos are available.

Musical interlude of the day

Do Re Me...

Fountain of Elias discusses the medieval celebrations on St. John's day or Midsomer.

and links to where DoReMe got it's start at Fisheaters:

the Breviary's hymn for this day, Ut queant laxis -- the hymn sung or recited during the blessing of the bonfire -- is the source of our names of musical notes -- Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do....

Resonare fibris
Mira gestorum
Famuli tuorum,
Solve polluti
Labii reatum, Sanc
Te Ioannes


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The sad story of the church

The PC theologians are at it again...nothing new about this...
More discussion at Father Z's corner.

then there is this (and his older book can be downloaded free HERE).

The Poodles book is one of the most devestating ones on the abuse crisis by the church, because it documents the abuse helpers across the spectrum.

"...In horrifying yet necessary detail, Sacrilege surveys the full extent of the damage, showing victims failed by bishops, laity, therapists, police, courts, press and even popes. Sacrilege is an essential resource for all those concerned with the history and future of Catholicism..."

so the Pope is right that we should be grateful that this sin is being exposed and hopefully purged.

Of course, those who are at the forefront usually were those who under the guise of compassion wanted to just make it disappear by discounting sexual abuse of teens and preteens is normal and healthy (or at least that is what my teachers in psychiatry in medical school in the 1960's assured us).

And no one sees the irony when these same folks, the powerful in the media and their "reformer" friends insist that just by making promiscuity, homosexual acts, and abortion licit (no longer considered a sin) will "cure" the problem.

Andrew Greeley called this the revolt of the middle management against the boss.
The bad news? The up and comers agree with the boss..

what is frustrating is that the mindset seems to be pervasive in academia, the media, and in government. So how does one fight it?

Our lady has "spoken" on many levels: via apparations (some of which are true) and also via wise bishops and artists. And especially via the pope.

Catholics call it the "triumph of the Immaculate heart", because the Catholic Christians trying to find their way through the confusion ask Mary to help them find her son.

The "message" seems to be: things are bad, the devil is getting strong, but don't fear: my small ones will overcome the serpant.

Friday, June 18, 2010

military abortions

Military abortion issue again

Politico's headline suggests the "military" is shifting it's opinion, but like the "don't ask don't tell" issue, this is purely driven by Obama and the Democratic party progressives and being imposed on a military against their will.

More Here.
Sounds like the idea is to put it into the bill, and then force it down the throat under threat of no money for the military.

A similar tact worked with the health care bill where the pro life House bill was destroyed when the catholic nuns and the head of the catholic hospitals joined Obama for a photo op.

No, no one asked if their members supported it. Hell, no one asked if I as a Family doc supported my own academy supporting it.

and what about docs? When I was in the IHS I was told that it was part of medical care to give a careless woman a "morning after" pill, which I refused to do.

and I remember how the hospitals coerced nurses and residents to do abortions when the law changed (I was failed for refusing to do so, later rescinded because the school worried about a lawsuit).

has it right:

Since Obama was elected, the U.S. government has moved swiftly to allow the use of U.S. taxpayers money to fund abortion groups all over the world by rescinding the Mexico City Policy first instituted in the 1980s; to enable China’s coercive population control program by funding the United Nations Population Fund, and; to roll back restrictions on funding for human embryo-destroying stem cell experimentation.

The Administration is also in the process of altering federal regulations to roll back the nation’s existing conscience protection laws that protect the rights and freedoms of healthcare providers (such as Catholic hospitals, physicians and nurses) who are opposed to performing abortions on personal or moral grounds.

And it hasn't implemented the executive order that supposedly will stop some of the abortion funding in the health care bill, though pro-life advocates dispute that claim.

and of course Hillary Clinton was here pressuring Gloria to add abortion etc to our reproductive health care bill....the priorities are clear.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The more death?

the NYTimes has an article on the "singularity movement".

Singularity refers to the day when robots will be as "intelligent" as men.

" ...a future that the Singularity University founders hold dear and often discuss with a techno-utopian bravado: the arrival of the Singularity — a time, possibly just a couple decades from now, when a superior intelligence will dominate and life will take on an altered form that we can’t predict or comprehend in our current, limited state."

This assumes "intelligence" is the same as ability to find facts: thinking and self awareness are not dependent on this type of intelligence.

So will robots/machines have "souls"?
Ah, but answer first: do dwarves and elves have "souls"? Yes, but do they have "immortal" souls, and go to heaven?

But the real reason behind the idea is another one: a rejection of mortality:

At that point, the Singularity holds, human beings and machines will so effortlessly and elegantly merge that poor health, the ravages of old age and even death itself will all be things of the past.

If you read the whole thing, it is a rebellion against not only death, but our limited biological bodies.

sound familiar?

and guess who is their enemy:

“There are enormous social and political issues that will arise,” Mr. Clarke says. “There are vast groups of people in society who believe the earth is 5,000 years old. If they want to slow down progress and prevent the world from changing around them and they engaged in political action or violence, then there will have to be some sort of decision point.”

One suspects that he is lumping together sophisticated Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Muslims with fringe groups...and one suspects that one reason the militant atheists are busy convincing the elites that these groups are all the same is that it will be used to demonize and persecute believers in the near future.

The problem, as usual, is not science per se or even using these abilities to help humans to live well.

The problem is that, like all scientific knowledge, it can be used for either good or evil, and in this, religion could be a big help.

Alas, ethicists prefer their own ideas: when an "ethicist" comes close to justifying human extinction, one really has to wonder.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New "morning after"( abortion) pill touted

Ah, all the quotes from those who love abortion, few hard medical facts in the WashingtonPost.

The "morning after" pill has been carefully used to stop ovulation after rape.

But then the "experts" started touting it as a routine contraceptive. Ah, but they didn't give it to a person who was just raped (and presumably where it is contraceptive), but later, meaning it will abort an already fertilized egg.

No it doesn't decrease "unwanted pregnancies", mainly because it isn't used correctly and doesn't have a very good rate of stopping pregnancies, and is essentially useless after 3 days.
and the dirty little secret is that the same women who can't be bothered to take their contraceptive correctly will also take this wrong: a couple days later, or when they might already be a week pregnant from the sex they had a few days earlier or even a few weeks earlier.

So now the "answer" is a form of RU487.

If ella wins approval, it will likely inflame a long-running debate: whether doctors have an obligation to write prescriptions for medication they oppose on moral or religious grounds and whether pharmacists have an obligation to fill them. Many doctors and pharmacists already refuse to write or fill prescriptions for Plan B or refer patients elsewhere for it.

"Pharmacists will have more obvious reasons to refuse to dispense this drug, and to refuse to refer," said Karen L. Brauer, president of the Pharmacists for Life International. "My suspicion is that more pharmacists will wish to opt out of dispensing ulipristal than any other of the previous drugs."

ah yes. A lot of docs won't abort, and a lot of pharmacists won't give it out. Bummer

That's why they are giving it out "via teleconferencing" in Iowa.

Never mind that there is a question if the nurse is trained. After all, if this is a qualified nurse practitioner who works under the supervision of a physician, she can prescribe an abortion pill. If she is not so qualified, then she is not trained to do the proper examinations either.

And those laws being vetoed by "pro life" governors to insist on ultrasounds becomes especially important. The dirty little secret it that the "theraputic" window for these abortion pills are narrow. Unless the woman is underweight, the physical examination can be off weeks, and often will miss an ectopic pregnancy.

And then what happens when the woman hemorrhages or has a partial miscarriage because her dates were off and it didn't work completely and gets infected?

The local MD will be stuck caring for the problem...but these complications may not be monitored. I remember reading an article about the New York abortion "experiment" way back when it was illegal elsewhere. They claimed no deaths and few complications...yet in my internship, at one point we had five women hospitalized for complications of these "legal" New York abortions (including one who almost hemorrhaged to death from an ectopic pregnancy), and when I was in New York interviewing for a residency, they discussed a patient with renal failure and lupus who had pre eclampsia who died after a second trimester abortion (back then, this was being argued as "necessary" abortion, until statistics showed carrying the kid was less fatal to mom than aborting her). Well the woman was told to carry the kid, but someone got hold of her and she aborted, and the expected "complication" of renal failure happened because unlike the pro life OB/Gyn, they didn't moniter her for problems....but of course the death was not considered an "abortion" death.

This is why I am so sceptical about the woman aborted for "pulmonary hypertension" that resulted in a nun being excommunicated.

The original story was "pulmonary hypertension". Then the story was "if she carried the pregnancy she was at risk for death from pre eclampsia".

Uh, why?

But either way, the mom had two choices: sign herself out and get an abortion elsewhere, or else carry the child, and when the problems started, to induce labor.

Usually the stress on the mom in these cases is after 28 weeks, when the baby starts getting big. Fifty years ago, when TB was a major reason to abort, these kids would die, but now they live.
But the press never questions this either. Sigh.

Ah, but abortion trumps common sense for these pro abort women.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Turkish bishop: a martyr?

although the background of the story is being ignored, and libeling the bishop to blame his sins for his own murder, the background of the story is more disturbing:

The driver was "government appointed" by Turkey, suggesting he was spying on the bishop, and that recently the bishop was warned his driver belonged to extremist sects; as a result, the bishop cancaled his own trip to Cyprus to meet the Pope, fearing that his driver would assasinate the Pope.

No, it's not on a conspiracy page, it's in the Catholic media.

article two.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

When black is white

What do you do when the lies of the news media respins the truth to tell you that black is white?

Belmont club's essay about the PC in international affairs is telling: He discusses the fanatasy of "peace activists" whose "humanitarian relief ships" are suspected of trying to smuggle arms into Gaza in plain sight, and of North Korea killing 40 plus South Korean sailors with a deliberate attack on one of their ships.

Both cases demonstrate that nothing is more paramount either to the establishment nor to the politically correct sections of the media than the maintenance of a lie. For the lie is in the service of the greater good. High reasons of policy will be invoked to explain why the truth should not be so. But the extreme reliance on fantasy by parts of the Western establishment goes well beyond surrounding a kernel of the truth with a “bodyguard of lies.” Instead it is the lie itself which is guarded by even more falsehoods. Gradually and inexorably, an entire political class has staked its existence on continuation of falsehood. The greater good is the fiction. Deception has become a necessity in itself.

As a result, any moderately well informed individual knows that there is no Islamic extremism, nor even terrorism. There are only man made disasters. Everybody knows that we can borrow our way out of debt, that the welfare state is the sustainable wave of the future; that Egypt has no border with Gaza through which it can provide supplies if it wanted; that the UN has kept Hezbollah from importing hundreds of missiles into Lebanon; that the thought of a handful of Jews has kept hundreds of millions of oil-rich Muslims from attaining prosperity; and that Global Warming is the main danger facing the planet Earth. That these assertions are untrue hardly matters; that they are indisputable is what seems to count. For who shall dispute them?

Reality might. And therein lies the problem.

Reminds one of "Peace in our time", when Chamberlain was a hero and Churchill was exiled and not able to get his opinions published.

Yet the lie goes deeper.

One only has to look at the "spin" on pedophilia, headlines that distort what went on (which was terrible, but alas not unusual in those days...I was the doc who saw all the girls in our small town. Few perpetrators were jailed, and the one or two who did get convicted usually did so on a plea bargain and got a slap on the wrist for years of abuse, but the girls who testified were left with nightmares of a court case where the guilty party's lawyers brow beat them and ridiculed them and tried to trip them up in court, as if they were lying).

Yes, abuse your daughter, get six months in jail on a plea bargain, and even then, Newsweek had an article insisting that "jail time" should not be considered: the family would be destroyed, the perpetrator might be abused himself by ordinary theives and murderers who look down on child molesters, and of course, these nice men could be rehabilitated by counseling.

Too bad that article isn't on line nowadays. Rewriting history is not left to the Stalinists.

Yet we also see the propaganda in favor of socialized medicine, the health care bill "not paying for abortions" (right), there will be no medical rationing (right), gays are no different so let them marry (no one bothered to visit the bathhouses, I guess, or admit that marriage means living together, not fidelity? At least for men).

No wonder conspiracy theories abound.

Right now, I am depressed, and every time I pray I am hit with a thought of a mistake (sometimes not my mistake, or sometimes something I did right, but didn't help) that stops my prayers. All I can do is lay it at the foot of the cross, and try to go back to praying, which sometimes is not possible.

So now I am trying not to become paranoid about the signs of the times: I have to remember that all is in God's control....even the bad things might be allowed because the world is rejecting his word.

So I turn back to trying to pray....