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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rizal, Jung loved the occult

This PhilInquirer article justifies that Rizal was into the occult by saying Carl Jung and others did the same back then.

It mentioned the national hero’s interest in “esoteric beliefs” and how he applied “empirical methods of inquiry and cross-cultural referencing to understand peculiar phenomena.”

Because of how he experienced dreams becoming a reality, Rizal studied prophetic (or precognitive) dreams and even the Persian religion of Zoroastrianism. He also studied and wrote about sorcery and witchcraft and tried to find rational explanations for these phenomena.

It is not generally known and recognized, but Rizal is not alone among great international scientists, thinkers and philosophers who were fascinated with the occult and paranormal phenomena. It has come to light, for example, that such great men of science and humanities as Dr. Frank Gall, Alfred Russell Wallace, Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. William James, Thomas Edison, Dr. Alexis Carrel, Dr. Gardner Murphy, Sir William Crookes, Aldous Huxley, John Dewey, Dr. Carl Jung and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had, at one time or another, investigated and wrote about esoteric phenomena.

Well, Newton was a Christian, but the others were atheists who rejected Christianity. some, like Jung, Dewey, Doyle, and Huxley, were anti Christians.

As GK Chesterton said: Once you reject Belief in God, you believe in anything.

You open yourself to terrible problems. Doyle, for example, was a cocaine addict, and Huxley took drugs. Edison "stole" the designs and took credit for the work of those who worked under him. Jung's followers have been called a "cult" in a book by Mark Noll.

Any good logical atheist would reject these things, and if he admitted they were true, maybe he would also go on to look into traditional religion. But these folks didn't. Why? maybe it has to do with their other lifestyle sins.

As a scientist, a lot of these folks seemed to hate Christians for believing, but then went on to "study" things forbidden by Christians because they are seen by Christianity and indeed other religions as demonic.

And it says a lot about our "modern" world that the intellectual "greats" behind much of western culture are those who rejected God and then got into worshipping the devil...not out of deep belief, but because they were obedient to the "intellectual fads" of the day...


  • Hi Dr N,
    There are many stories and rumors about Rizal, and there are many who question his faith. But according to Fr. Marciano M. Guzman (a direct descendant), Rizal professed his faith in his last minutes.

    Besides, as a proof of his unconditional acceptance of the Catholic faith, Rizal, on his own initiative, signed a Catholic prayer-book with a long, detailed, and explicit profession of faith. He did this after reciting publicly, on his knees before the altar, and in the presence of all the witnesses of his retraction, an act of faith followed by two other prayers of Christian hope and charity. Four eyewitnesses corroborated this fact, and 3 qualified witnesses, 4 newspapers of Manila and Madrid at that time, and 4 historians and writers confirmed their testimony.

    It is on record that the national hero received the sacrament of Penance 4 times and received Holy Communion fervently during a Mass, before proceeding to Bagumbayan for the execution. At Bagumbayan, moments before his death, in the presence of a “compact multitude which filled Luneta’s esplanade,” Rizal, renewing his contrition for sins already confessed and for whatever he might have forgotten, again asked for forgiveness, kissing the crucifix presented to him by the priest, and for the last time received sacramental absolution.

    The last absolution he received was recorded in an official document of the government. His previous four confessions in his prison cell were certified by 5 eyewitnesses, 10 qualified witnesses, 7 newspapers of Manila, Madrid and Hong Kong at that time, and 12 historians and writers including Aglipayan bishops, Masons and anti-clericals.

    By Blogger WillyJ, at 8:33 AM  

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