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Friday, May 27, 2011

John Paul the Great 2: Demons zero

via Father Ho:

Rome’s exorcist finding Bl. John Paul II effective against Satan

Not surprisingly, ‘Jesus Christ’ is the name Fr. Amorth most often calls upon to expel demons. But he also turns to saintly men and women for their heavenly assistance. Interestingly, he said that in recent years one man – Blessed Pope John Paul II – has proved to be a particularly powerful intercessor.

“I have asked the demon more than once, ‘Why are you so scared of John Paul II and I have had two different responses, both interesting. One, ‘because he disrupted my plans.’ And, I think that he is referring to the fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. The collapse of communism.”

“Another response that he gave me, ‘because he pulled so many young people from my hands.’ There are so many young people who, thanks to John Paul II, were converted. Perhaps some were already Christian but not practicing, but then with John Paul II they came back to the practice. ‘He pulled so many young people out of my hands.’”


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Evangelical outreach to Iraq

the local Christians have been fleeing, and are mainly in certain ethnic enclaves, but the Evangelicals are converting Muslims.

and guess what? A lot are Koreans.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abuse articles

A couple related items on StudioObrien about abuse of young boys.

Andrew Greeley back in 1990 summarized it best: that some priests were assumed to be celibate but homosexual, so were accepted in the seminaries. Others were felt to be homosexual, but were actually attracted to younger children.

Often they entered monasteries/the priesthood as a way to try to control their impulses (either deliberately or in a subconscious wish). when the sexual explosion of "be honest and act out your desires" arrived, the deluge of acting on the surpressed desires occured.

Yes, such things happened in the past (and sometimes covered up by the idea that a scandal would hurt the church). But after Vatican II and the sexual revolution, the worst of both worlds

and of course, the "modern" officials in the bishop's offices were taught to have compassion on the abuser, who only needed psychological help for a lapse in judgement.
(we were taught this in Medical school Newsweek article lamented that families were destroyed when the father was arrested and put into jail when he abused his daughter or step daughter...and we were told most accustations were imaginary according to Freud.

To make things worse, many gays in the bishop's office went out of their way to cover up what was going on with their fellow gays. Gay cliques do exist, alas, and no one wants to discuss the "underground" of gay culture that few outsiders know about: the secret signals that look for casual sex, the jungle of many gay bars/bathhouses, the lack of stability of a life spent searching for sex...

Yes, I know, not all gays, or even most gays, but a lot of gays have to fight this type of thing: and they often lack friendship or fellowship since the only ones who know what they feel are often eager to seduce them back into the black search for love.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Persecution or backing murderous dictators?

A pact with the devil? Syrian Christians fear persecution.

the dirty little secret is that Christians in Iraq, Syria and Libya supported these secular tyrannies, and that they fear they are now on the wrong side if democracy takes over.

(alternative way to put it: These secular gov'ts manipulated religious minorities so they could stay in power and divide and conquer the majority of the population)

for example, the bishop in Tripoli is complaining about a few folks killed NATO bombing, i.e. echoing the dictator's propaganda machine. Of course, he is conveniently ignoring the hundreds killed by the dictator or the half a million refugees from Ghadaffy's troops... shelling civilians by his beloved dictator don't worry him a bit.

Strategypage summary here

a lot of catholic "peace and justice" folks also heart terrorists

a Strategypage summary of the problem: not just Muslim charities but the IRA, the NPA, FARC, the Tamil tigers, etc. got money to terrorize under the guise of charity donations or as supporting left wing human rights activists.

and this article explains why the "criminal justice" system doesn't work for terrorists: bribery, "lack of evidence", "improper collection of evidence", witnesses who forget or who disappear...more HERE.

and it's not just terror groups who do such things, of anyone reading the press here in the Philippines can tell you.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sympathy for the devil

I have had it up to here with self righteous professional religious folks who are dissing the average American who is happy--who dares to be happy--- that Osama Ben Laden, who arranged the killing of thousands and inspired the murder of tens of thousands, has finally met justice.

Oh, it looks bad when Americans rejoice, say these people. Oh, it's against international law, say others. Christ said turn the other cheek and to forgive, say even more.

Time out.

They are mistaking personal revenge/vendetta and personal forgiveness with justice, which is meted out by the state.

And they are implying that when the state uses necessary force to stop a criminal, that somehow it makes those doing this as guilty as someone who kills the innocent.

Time out.

So I am happy that the Dalai Lama notes the difference:

As a human being, Bin Laden may have deserved compassion and even forgiveness, the Dalai Lama said in answer to a question about the assassination of the Al Qaeda leader. But, he said, "Forgiveness doesn't mean forget what happened. … If something is serious and it is necessary to take counter-measures, you have to take counter-measures."

Heh. Imagine that: A religious leader with common sense.