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Saturday, August 27, 2011


blog has lots of photos of World Youth day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

more on gallagher

here is a run down of her false prophecies:

except a few make one say WTF? Maybe she was right:

The claim that Mary is angry about the Maastricht Treaty [index]

The Maastricht Treaty is the agreement that founded the European Union. This treaty is described by the messages of Christina Gallagher as if it were evil and the beginning of some future set of evil events. Here is one of several such messages:

“The uniting of the currency through Maastricht would be suppressed. A work of the Devil. Not that they would have a choice. There would be no money to keep the old or the handicapped. Only those who could support themselves would be able to live. The world would become a living hell of sickness, death, hunger, mourning and tears.”

This attempt to play on people's fears about current events is characteristic of false private revelation. They take an event from the news, one that certainly has its pros and cons, but then they exaggerate its importance to an extreme, as if it were to be the cause of dire future events. The claim that this treaty, uniting Europe to a limited extent, will cause the world to become “a living hell of sickness, death, hunger, mourning and tears” is absurd and is contrary to the teaching of Scripture. In the Book of Revelation, the severe sufferings of those future events are caused by sin (cf. Rev 9:20-21), not by one particular political treaty.
Ah but like an earlier vote, this is a vote by Ireland to join the secular European Union, where a court could order them to institute abortion and euthanasia and same sex marriage etc. as a "human right".

So it is not a "political treaty" but giving an affirmation to let the elites rule you according to their rules, not God's rules,, or even the people of Ireland's desires...and to make it worse, the treaty (and the earlier vote years before to join with Europe) was imposed on them after they voted it down, and then they were essentially TOLD to vote for it or else.

a lot of the rest of the stuff is routine, and if you are familiar with other visionaries (I am thinking of LaSalette and Maria Esperanza) you will find similar vague predictions of doom and gloom...however, as I said earlier, before the boxer day Tsunami, one read few predictions that saw tsunamis in the list.

The real problem is not that seers appear in times of trouble, and that some are real but go overboard, or some are fake, or some have ESP but exaggerate it to gain fame and money.

The real problem today is that we no longer trust the bishops to do the right thing. Why believe bishops who hid pedophiles and close down houses of prayer?

Or in the case of Medjugorje, I once read that the bishop of Mostar, when asked what was the main problem for the church in the former Yugoslavia, he replied it was Medjugorje.

This was in the middle of a murderous civil war where over 100 thousand perished,, at a time when Catholic churches were being destroyed and the Muslims of Mostar being shelled by the Catholics of Mostar.

So no, war is not a problem.
Misuse of money is not a problem.
Pedophilia coverups is not a problem

The real problem is that people might get together and pray?


I just listend to a "coast to coast" interview with a (NCfishwrap) reporter on the financial irregularities in the US Catholic church.
Anyone reading Andrew Greeley's novels would know about such things, but apparantly this author has the references.

The bad thing is that he points to the ever liberal "peace and justice" nuns who are fighting it (and whose answer he hints to, but doesn't go into detail about, is to get married priests, women priests, and of course allow homosexual priests of both sexes, and legalize abortion and birthcontrol).

So some bishops steal, and others are careless about money.
Nothing new about this.

Heck, modern theologians get upset when Judas is called "a thief" but of course to those living back then, everyone knew he was taking "gifts" from those wishing to see Jesus, and taking his cut of money out of the purse. I suspect he was also getting gifts for spying from the authorities, which is why they knew exactly who to pay to find out where Jesus is hiding.

Here in the Philippines, some bishops were called up because they had accepted money for SUV's from the charity sweepstakes that was being gutted by politicians. Most of the luxury SUV's turned out to be pickup trucks or ambulances or used 4wd cars to travel on the dirty roads, and the bishops just gave back the cars and parked them in front of the senate when the administration tried to make it a scandal (they are trying to destroy the church to pass the "reproductive health bill" that is being pushed by NGO's, the UN and the USA).

What few Americans don't realize is that for years, the NGO/NWO types who ran the Irish media and governments were trying to destroy the Catholic church who was standing in the way of their agenda.

The sex abuse cases enabled them to do this, and more shame to the bishops.

From Catholic world news:

August 24, 2011

The former vicar general of Ireland’s Cloyne diocese has conceded that he should have resigned in 1996, since he was unwilling to enforce the sex-abuse policies adopted by the Irish hierarchy.

Msgr. Denis O’Callaghan said, in a letter to the Irish Catholic, that he objected to the mandatory reporting of sex-abuse charges, which was an important aspect of the bishops’ guidelines. That requirement, he said, conflicted with the “Christian duty of pastoral care” for accused priests. He pointed out that in some cases, mandatory reporting would have required taking action against priests who were elderly and/or terminally ill. “The literal guidelines did not allow for any discretion to bishops and their delegates,” he said.

Msgr. O’Callaghan—who had handled sex-abuse complaints for Bishop John Magee--reported that the Murphy Commission, which issued a scathing report on the failure of the Cloyne diocese to report sex-abuse charges, was aware of his “commitment to pastoral care.” He complained that the commission’s report nevertheless concentrated on the failure to follow the mandatory-reporting rule.

ah yes.

And the right wing blogosphere in the US now reports about those who are doing the groundwork to make pedophilia just another lifestyle choice.

Some of those involved seem to be voices in the past who helped get the US Catholics into this mess.

Then I wondered about this:

McGinnity was appointed Junior Dean at St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland's national seminary, when he was 26 years old. He was appointed Senior Dean at the age of 32 in 1978, decades younger than previous holders of the post.

In 1984, he was approached by students who had concerns about the behaviour of the college's Vice President, Dr Michael Ledwith, including concerns of a sexual nature. He was abruptly dismissed from his position by Tomás Ó Fiaich, archbishop of his home diocese, acting on behalf of the Trustees (17 bishops) of the College, after he raised concerns with the bishops on behalf of six seminarians about the extravagant lifestyle of Ledwith.

McGinnity is, of course, associated with the now discredited (by a media witchhunt) seer Christine Gallagher.

her house of prayer was shut down by Bishop Neary in 2008.

when I heard that, I remembered Teresa of Avila saying what was the fuss about a bunch of ladies praying. But I didn't know the details.

I believe Mrs. Gallagher is a true seer, maybe just a natural clairvoyance... but like many, she is not infallible, and like any celebrity, got some weirdos in her followers. It is interesting that she is the only "seer" who saw huge loss of life from tsunamis, and predicted this years before the Boxer day tsunami....most seers predicted all sorts of stuff, but not tsunamis.

Coincidence? confusion? who knows. The failure of the church to adequately supervise her may be one of the problems.

but it is unclear if Neary is part of the problem or part of the solution for the present problem of the Irish church.

Silly man...dead Asians didn't bother him

George Weigel at firstThings says one of the sillier things about Thomas Merton:

Then there was Merton’s interest in religion in Asia: had he lived to see the vast persecution wrought by communists on Catholics and Buddhists alike in Vietnam, Tibet, and China, the cause of religious freedom might have been for him, as it was for Richard John Neuhaus, a pathway out of “The Movement.”


You mean he didn't notice the persecution of Catholics in North Viet Nam?

Or the huge persecution of Chinese Catholics and Tibetan Buddhists in China?r.

and 40 million starved during China's Great Leap forward didn't bother him either

These things happened before Merton died in 1968.

and the Gulag didn't stop his embracing communism in the 1940's.

But Merton, despite his writing skills, was always doing his own thing: narcissitic to the end.

Being a "pacifist" allowed him to condemn both sides as equally evil, and the track record of the American anti war is abysmal: except for Joan Baez, I have never heard of any of them helping the ten million refugees fleeing South Viet Nam, (or Vietnam's pogroms of their Chinese ethnic groups, or the Cambodian massacres, or VietNam's war with China).

The dirty little secret about the anti Vietnam war protesters was that it wasn't really about the Vietnamese, it was about them. About their self righteousness. About how they were heroes.

as for Merton: His pacifism was very convenient, since it kept him from going in the army to fight Hitler and Japan. He might have been killed. As it was it allowed him to condemn the atomic bombing but forget the massacres of the seven million Chinese civilians and other Asians at Japanese hands.

It was all about him.

Why else did he not only claim to be a pacifist during world war II, but he didn't bother to help the millions of refugees fleeing Hitler? Nope, too busy contemplating his own search for his his own soul.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

one more step into the culture of death

Getreligion reviews articles on culling twin pregnancies.


This makes me shudder: More dead than dead?
note this was an experiment with a small group, not a survey, and since it is behind a firewall, one can't tell how they scientists manipulated the data.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stories below the fold

men in hard hats.
this is ex president Jimmy Carter who helped with homebuilding after Katrina

( - Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images News)

or as Rick Bragg wrote:

As Southerners, we know that a man with a chain saw is worth 10 with a clipboard, that there is no hurt in this world, even in the storm of the century, that cannot be comforted with a casserole, and that faith, in the hereafter or in neighbors who help you through the here and now, cannot be knocked down.


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Obama screws Catholics

yup. all Catholics, even Catholic hospitals and schools who have employees will now have to pay for birth control pills and the abortion causing "morning after pill". No ifs ands or buts.

The nuns of the Catholic hospital association who backed the bill after the bishop warned her not to do it because this is what happened is now shocked, shocked that this has happened.

The administration's proposed exemption defines a religious employer as one whose purpose is to instill religious values, which primarily employs and serves people who share its religious tenets, and which is nonprofit.

Three of those four tests don't work for Catholic hospitals and their 640,000 employees, said Keehan. "Catholic hospitals have never discriminated about employment," she explained. Likewise, the 5.6 million patients they admit annually can be of any religious faith, or none. And while patients might see a crucifix, they're not going to get a sermon.

It's not just Catholic hospitals that would be ineligible for an exemption, said Jeanne Monahan, a policy expert at the conservative Family Research Council. "Any religious group that is not focused on proselytizing will not receive this exemption," she said. "Educational institutions, groups that are focused on serving the homeless, feeding the hungry, they won't receive it."

Friday, August 05, 2011


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Thursday, August 04, 2011


In Canada, a lot of the residential boarding schools had sexual abuse of the pupils going on.

Writer Michael O'Brien has written about the abuse in the past (He declined to join the "in" group of a teacher/abuser and received a lot of ridicule etc for doing so).

He links to the Reconciliation videos HERE.

I also read another blog by a Metis who is upset at all of this, not because the abuse needs to be rooted out, but because the PC are using it to destroy the church, while the abuse links with the secular government is being ignored. She names names about all of this, but since I don't know how true is the story I'll refrain from linking.