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Friday, December 30, 2011

Gay Caswell

I often read Ms. Caswell's blog because a lot of the things she complains about are similar to those on northern (chippewa and Sioux) reservations in the USA where I have worked.

She is now suffering from an infected foot. Keep her in your prayers.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

sad Christmas

I once worked in a poor area where the priest would start the ceremony to baptise each child with the words: The angels rejoiced at your birth, and now we welcome you in the family of the church.

In today's world, the lesson of Christmas, that when we find "belief" weak, we show our reverence by seeing God in our family, in our neighbors, and in the least of our brethren.

with all the fancy decor and choirs singing, one needs to remember that it is about a child born in a stable, with only his loving family, shepherds and angels to greet his birth, not about fancy presents, parties, and self.

AFP Photo of the Mindanao destruction.

Conspiracy theory

Malachi Martin mentioned a priest killed by "luciferians".

FYI: They have a wikipedia page about the case.

I am just putting it here to read later when I have more time.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going where no blog has gone before

Catholic bloggers and the Borgs...

Linkyes, and the bad news about Patheos is that they blog only about religion...and of course they are diluted by the non Catholics there, who will be checked out as fellow bloggers.

I prefer mixing my religion with life, as Jesus did.

headsup PPapist

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New age religion and computer central


Yes certainly. In fact, I believe it is this liberal aspect through which computer culture and New Age are related. The emphasis on ‘freedom’ and particularly on ‘liberation’, as well as on the expressive self and the self-evolving and self-realizing human individual, are themes that account in large part for the sympathies between the ‘hippies’ and ‘hackers’ of the Bay Area. These notions translate, for instance, into the celebration of technology as art, of technology creators as artists and into rituals that seek to ‘decondition’ human beings (as well as technology).

you might want to read the whole thing.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

False accusations

A story about a priest accused of impregnating a young girl who was crucified in the media, who never retracted or apologized when the DNA tests came back positive.


The other pertainent part of the article is this:

The key question, of course, is why RTE went ahead with the broadcast without taking up Reynolds on his offer of a paternity test.

Although nobody's issued any official answer, most observers believe the program reflected a general climate in Ireland in which priests are now seen as fair game. A recent national survey found that only 28 percent of the Irish can correctly identify the share of Irish priests who have actually been found guilty of child abuse, which stands at roughly 4 percent. Seventy percent of the Irish believe the figure is higher, with almost 50 percent believing that more than 20 percent of priests have been found guilty.

Ah, but anyone who knows about Ireland knows that the "establishment" has seen the church as an obstacle to Ireland's "Progress" (i.e. abortion, divorce, population control, etc).

This scandal was a godsend to them, just as it was to the US press.

Yet to put it into perspective is never done. No reports on public schools, or other institutions.

nor reports linking pornography and gay rights which ignore that the implies approval of the vast promiscuity of some people, including males who seduce young girls and boys.


is a survey on teenagers in the US that includes sex behavior along with things like if they drink soda pop.

Notice the high rate of sexual abuse, not just "intercourse" under age 13 but also sexual/date related violence and unwanted sexual intercourse.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rich folks telling the Pinoys to stop having children

Yes, Bill Gates and other big powerful groups are behind the push for the RH bill here.

Ironically, if instead they funded "pill ladies" who were not associated with the government, and funded midwives in poor areas (one third of Filipino women give birth without a trained attendent) and maybe if they gave grants to government midwives in isolated rural ares (so they didn't expect an expensive "gift" for doing their job) you could do the same thing for less money.

This money is going to the rich politicians to bribe them...and the next step is to vilify the catholic church that stands in the way of the progressive agenda.

They tried to do this by a publicity campaign implying that the bishops were driving expensive SUV's from the government charity fund, but the bishops pointed out that the SUV's were mainly used pickup trucks etc. used to help rural parishes, and they openly gave them back.

Presumably tne next step to demonize the Catholic church is to find pedophiles, like the terrible but exaggerated reports in Ireland (the numbers were huge only if you didn't figure out the percentages and compare them to secular schools etc. in the UK),

Actually here they'd have better luck in finding mistresses but since a lot of families trace their Spanish blood to a priest, that won't do much.

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Way

A good review for The Way on Manolo for the big girl blog.