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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quote of the day

comes from the anchoress

God has all the essential characteristics of what we mean by a “person,” in particular conscious awareness, the ability to recognize and the ability to love. In that sense he is someone who can speak and who can listen. That, I think, is what is essential about God. Nature can be marvelous. The starry heaven is stupendous. But my reaction to that remains no more than an impersonal wonder, because that, in the end, means that I am myself no more than a tiny part of an enormous machine. The real God, however, is more than that. He is not just nature, but the One who came before it and who sustains it. And the whole of God, so faith tells us, is the act of relating. That is what we mean when we say that he is a Trinity, that he is threefold. Because he is in himself a complex of relationships, he can also make other beings who are grounded in relationships and who may relate to him, because he has related them to himself.
– Pope Benedict XVI, (from God and the World)

she then goes on to quote someone writing boring things ab "we baby boomers"...

when I read stuff like that I am reminded of the old joke: What do you mean "we", white man?

and then they quote Merton.

Yeah, make a hero of a pacifist who wouldn't get his hands dirty fighting Hitler.

True, maybe he wouldn't want to shoot anyone, but he didn't even bother to work with refugees or other civilian jobs like other pacifists did.
and to make it worse, his Merton quote (about fearing heaven)might be meaningful to the upper west side elites he ran around with, but not with the working class who were actually fighting Hitler.


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