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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The PC and Hispanics still heart Mahoney

LeonPoodles asks why.

Because being on the side of the angels in political issues mean you can boink anyone or cover up for your priests boinking anyone without having to say you are sorry (or having the press actually publicize what is going on).

Mahoney was  so powerful even the Vatican (who enabled a lot of PC bishops to get away with heresy, sexual abuse, and bad liturgy) wouldn't try to remove him.

I mean: the only one in the US who had the guts to confront Mahoney (on heresy, not sexual abuse) was Mother Angelica. And his enablers in the Vatican would  have removed her if JP2 didn't like her guts and vetoes their plan to do so.

Yes, this makes me angry.

And both liberal and conservative bishops did this. I remember when our Johnstown Altoona diocese paid off or pressured folks for not reporting cases to the cops. Even at a time when there was a court case against the diocese, and one nurse cried on my shoulder that her husband was involved with trying to keep parents from reporting a new case of abuse, the bishop went around announcing we had no abuse going on.

Luckily, one of the priests hit a male teenaged prostitute while visiting the gay bars in Pittsburg, who decided to scam the church by suing them for abuse. Since he was over 17, he had his younger brother make the (false) accusation and took it to court. The priest and bishop denied it was the younger brother so they went to court, and even though it was an open secret it was a scam, the jury gave the family a huge settlement, sort of figuring it was the least they could do to punish the bishop.


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