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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When NDE doesn't meet the smell test: Find Dr Ko

Excuse the lack of capitals: I touch type and sometimes when I do a capital I end up hitting caplock or control, so sometimes I just don't capitalize stuff.

I'm trying to google on some lady named Anita Moojari who is here in Manila pushing her NDE and "cure".

The elites in Manila, who have rejected Catholicism (they love money, and push green stuff while promoting the RH Bill, but don't fight bribery or help the poor) tend to love new age stuff, but I find it silly.

Yes, I believe in NDE 's (although some are obviously subconscious wishes, most probably are accurate).

But her story, being pushed by new age gurus, doesn't meet the "Smell" test.

So where is her pathology or medical records?

Dr.PennySantori says one Dr Peter Ko checked them and they were accurate.


So who is Dr Peter Ko?

Supposedly he is a famous American oncologist (cancer specialist) at USC (university of southern California), yet this list of him as an oncologist doesn't give his address or affiliation but only articles associated with Ms Moojari.

Then why is the only Dr Peter Ko found by Google a family practitioner from Kentucky?

or this one, who is an endocrinologist in Singapore?

or this one, from British Colombia? (specialty unknown)

Or this one, a Family practitioner in Flushing NY (a NYCity blue collar suburb)

or this one, an optomotrist (not an MD) from Beverly Hills California?

not on Linked in.

The USC site shows a David Ko in the Neurology Department.
Specialty service recruits included Dr. Said Beydoun (neuromuscular disorders), Drs. Christopher DeGiorgio (now vice chair of neurology at UCLA), David Ko, Christi Heck, and Laura Kalayjian (EEG and epilepsy).
and they have a Dr Chester Koh listed too: a pediatric urologic surgeon.

no Dr peter Ko on their radiation oncology site

comment 169 on Santori's blog says:
Hi Penny,
Regina ( Anita Moorjani’s assistant sent me an excellent reply when I questioned Dr. Ko’s existence. ) She sent me a link showing Dr. Ko with a young girl. This is the same Dr. Ko on Anita’s video( see ). She also stated that Phil Whelan a well respected journalist and broadcaster has met Dr. Ko and can attest that both Dr. Ko and Anita’s physician Dr. Walker exist. Mr. Whelan still works at radio station RTHK . I checked and the station and the man do exist.
There is also a radio interview on Anita’s website with the same doctors. If one needs to verify they can contact Phil Whelan and have him refer to the interview in 2006. Hope this helps .Regina has been most helpful.
Oh, if it's been on the radio it must be true (sarcasm off)

another comment answers with several links.
BTW…with about 5 mins. of research, the following came up either as articles written about Dr. Peter Ko, articles he co-wrote with other physicians, or references to him as a practicing MD:
Your comments, Julie, are spot on and any truly honest person would do exactly as you suggest. I suspect, however, we needn’t hold our breath waiting for this to happen.

One of them lists Dr Peter Ko as being associated with USC

HSC Organizers spearhead effort to bring health books to China


From left: Samir Ziend, from Huntington Memorial Hospital, joins USC organizers Peter Ko and Nelson Gilman
In an effort orchestrated by Peter Ko, assistant professor of clinical surgery, more than 2,000 pounds of books, journals and instructional materials have been sent to health sciences libraries throughout China.

hmmm.the USC site doesn't name him as a physician, so is he the optomtirist mentioned above? Or has he left (notice that article dates to 1998. Maybe he moved on or retired).

This article mentions a peter Ko MD

this one says he is a FACS but discusses his involvement in telemedicine to China.

Overseas, there is plan to organize a group of academic centers with demonstrated excellence to jointly design and carry out clinical trials. Such multicenter collaboration in telemedicine investigation would promote efficient use of resources and establish credibility. An effort along this line is a monthly case conference series with the University of Southern California School of Medicine, to study the efficacy of teleconsultation over great distances, due to begin at the end of 1998 (Professor Clarke B. Hazlett / Professor Frederick W. George
Thus far, the pace of progress in telemedicine in Hong Kong has been rapid, and could not have been accomplished without shared vision and uniform dedication among forward-thinking individuals.
Peter Ko, MD, FACX
Assistant Clinical Professor
Research Associate in Telemedicine
U of Southern California School of Medicine
Advanced Biotelecommunications and Bioinformatics Center
Los Angeles, CA
Visiting Fellow
Chinese U of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Faculty of Medicine
Center for Telemedicine
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China

one small problem: The article is very old:
An effort along this line is a monthly case conference series with the University of Southern California School of Medicine, to study the efficacy of teleconsultation over great distances, due to begin at the end of 1998 (Professor Clarke B. Hazlett / Professor Frederick W. George
© 2001-2002 - B2BMedia Inc.

Now, if you check LinkedIN Hong Kong,etc we have several Peter Ko listed. none seem to be physicians.

the commenter includs this link which indeed shows a Dr Peter Ko who is a pathologist. pasadena.

Uh, a pathologist would be able to evaluate medical records of a supposed cancer cure, but if so, why does he say he is a cancer specialist?

However, pub med doesn't have a lot of articles by any Peter Ko's... I did find one article, an old article on orthopedics written by dr PPKo.

there is a radiation oncologist a Wui Jin Koh at Univ Washington. 
he is Chinese/Malaysian.

The confusion is because Ko/Koh/Go/Goh is a common Chinese name.

Yet Ko can also be a Korean name, and is a common name there.
As of the 2000 South Korean census, there were 435,000 Kohs in South Korea, accounting for just under 1% of the population

Dr. Howard Ko is even a big shot doc in the HHS.

the comment has this interesting link: this one, which is about the telemedicine link, but doesn't mention a doctor ko. Since the telemedicine stuff is with Hong Kong, that would make him Chinese, not Malaysian, Sinagapore, or Korean.

What is interesting is that presumably this is the organization cited above with Peter Ko mentioned.

more googling:

Dr Andrew Ko is an oncologist, but he works in San Francisco, not USC. and has lots of articles on line and also has has writen a popular book on cancer LINK more HERE.
Dr. Clifford Ko is a surgeon who does cancer surgery in UCLA.

Dr. Micki Ko is a radiation oncologist too, but she's a she, and works in Toronto.
Dr. Stephen Ko is a radiation oncologist too, but works in Florida
Dr. Mi Kyung Ko is also a radiation oncologist in LA. She works in Rush, not USC.

Dr. Stephen Ko works at Mayo radiation oncology.

Interesting factoid: This article discusses spontaneous regression on an "alternative medicine" site. and starts with the title: Doctor Peter Ko MD.

But Doctor Peter Ko MD is not mentioned in the article, nor is the blog written by him. Huh?

White CrowHaving missed several of Adam’s earlier presentations due to scheduling incompatibility, I finally made time to attend the INTENTION TO HEAL workshop in Vancouver BC on June 2 and 3.I was also eager to hear his co-presenters, Drs. Bruce Lipton and Edgar Mitchell, both of whom hold some very thought-provoking ideas on consciousness and healing…
How do thoughts and emotions influence certain gene expressions via molecular signaling mechanisms? How does one person’s mental state influence another’s physical health remotely? And, if validated, how would these ideas change our concepts of reality and view of ourselves!?
that's nice, but no mention of Dr Peter Ko MD in the article.

The author of the blog post is a "molecular biologist" who makes a living selling new age healing.
Yup. hangs around with all the usual suspects.

Adam has had a number of guest speakers at his conferences including Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who in the film "The Living Matrix" credits Adam with distantly healing his kidney carcinoma, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Lee Pulos. He has presented at the Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC conferences with Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. David Suzuki. Adam was the keynote presenter at the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention. More recently he presented in a conference with Dr. Deepak Chopra. More answers to your questions about the workshops can be found in FAQ.
his linkedin page says:
Adam has a B.Sc. First Class Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  1. Simon Fraser University
and is a First Nations healer, speaker and international best selling author with books printed in 21 languages in 35 countries around the world.

yeah. the dreamcatcher should have alerted you that he is "first nation": the dream catcher is Objibwe, but I've found it being sold as indigenous Filipino tribal art in Baguio, so it does get around (sarcasm off).

And he gave a talk to naturopathic quacks. Heh. Yeah, I had a patient whose husband was a naturopath. Why me? well, her husband delivered her first baby at home in a natural way, and the kid died (and she almost died) and they knew I didn't go around blasting them for their irrational beliefs that let their first child die from ignorance, like the other docs in town.

Edgar Mitchell is an astronaut who went bonkers and got into new age stuff, but he's not an MD.

Dr Bruce Lipton is a "doctor": of development biology. So he isn't a physician either. and although he claims research and teaching at first line universities, it is interesting that he doesn't have tenure, and his last university listed was 1993...the wikipedia article links to Pubmed, but when I checked bruce lipton there, the only article by one burce lipton was about measuring a CVP via ultrasound, written in 2000, so it's probably another guy with the same name.

this alternative medicine site describes his way to treat the sick: If you think it, it will happen.
Sounds like Christian Science redux. and yes, conspiracy fans, you can find him on Coast TO Coast AM.

One of these days I'll write a long article on hypnosis/delusion/placebo effect and faith healing: they are all connected.

Put it this way: If they cure someone with a low measurement of hypnotizability (Low eye roll test) and they cure him, maybe I'll belive.

Or if they can explain why a baby is suffering and dying maybe I'll listen. These treatments are shamanistic: Reminds me of a Nigerian Psychiatrist who operated using hypnosis during that country's civil war: No he didn't learn it from medical school in the UK, he learned it from his grandmother, a shaman (witchdoctor, or a person who diagnoses witch craft). He knew a lot of her healing was placebo/suggestion. Which is why if you go to a native healer in many African countries, they treat you and give you a shot of penicillin, just to be on the safe side...

Back to our mistress of happiness, Ms Moojari.

Did you know on her website if you pay big money, she and Dr. Wayne Dyer will let you buy their course.

only $75 bucks and you too can learn to love.


and no, Dr. Wayne Dyer isn't a physician either. From a discussion at Randi's site:
Dyer holds a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University ." That is not a Ph.D., rather an Ed. D. ...
From the back of one of his more recent books: "Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development.... Dyer holds a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University and was an associate professor at St. John's University in New York."

On a book published in 1989 the back cover reads simply that he has a "doctorate in counseling psychology and is a psychotherapist."

Many of his previous books just claim he has a "doctorate in counseling psychology."
Jeff Corey
5th November 2008, 04:36 PM
how bad is Dyer? well when the PBS ombudsman wonders if their support of him goes against their policy of allowing proselytizing, you know you have a problem

and what is that about the white crow? Well an occult book publisher has that name.


As Chesterton said, when people stop believing in god, they start believing in anything.

A good explanation on why these biochemists/physicists etc. go bonkers over the new age cults can be found in Professor Raia's UCLA course on science magic and religion, now on youtube.

Blame the pre socratic philosophers who started the trend.
Love the hat.


  • You can hear Peter Ko and another attending physician being interviewed with Anita-on her website.

    Its the one with doctors down near the bottom.
    And theres a clip on the front page

    And heres an unrelated article about Peter Ko-the man in the video clip

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:50 AM  


    Could it be this Dr Peter Ko? Ms. Moorjani mentions in an interview that Dr Ko spends time both in Hawaii and Pasadena.

    By Anonymous Myra, at 4:59 AM  

  • NOT a surgeon, if that's him, I should add.

    By Anonymous Myra, at 5:00 AM  


    Could be same Dr. Peter Ko as the one in Hawaii. Seems he might be a retired surgeon.

    Have you asked Ms. Moorjani directly about his affiliation? She says he is an oncologist at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, but this is obvoiusly not correct. Have you asked her directly about this?

    By Anonymous Myra, at 5:08 AM  

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