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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Happy little cost savings

from INstapundit
DOCTORS WHO TREAT THE ELDERLY ARE IN SHORT SUPPLY. “The nation’s shortage of geriatricians is no secret. The prestigious Institute of Medicine highlighted the shortage in a 2008 report, and the American Geriatrics Society has projected the nation will need 25,000 geriatricians by 2025, or about three times the 7,000 geriatricians currently certified.”
Well, once the Death Panels get rolling, they won’t be needed much.
Related: “But if the social engineers are thinking about fewer births, they must also be thinking about more deaths. What better way to avoid costs than for the aging people to depart? How can they not be thinking about that too? At least they’re sensitive enough not to spit it in our faces the way they celebrate the savings inherent in fewer births.”
Posted at 7:29 am by Glenn Reynolds  

the second link is to (feminist lesbian libertarian lawyer) Ann Althouse: who adds:

And do you really understand the new plan to accommodate religion? Do you see how the religious objectors are absolved from their connection to what they see as sin? Isn't it all sleight of hand? But what is absolution?
 UPdate: Lots of comments on her blogpost, mostly junk, but this one is interesting:

I'll ask my question again--this is for liberals who agree with Obama about providing "access" to contraception and abortion and sterilization as part of health care.

Why are you defending President Obama's choice to do this by imposing obligations on employers, and thus on people's consciences...when the legality/constitutionality of this is uncertain, and it was unnecessary?

Had Mr. Obama proposed some direct subsidy from tax dollars (there are lots of ways to do it), there's very little chance a legal challenge would prevail, and while lots of us wouldn't like it, it doesn't present the same, direct burden to conscience that the HHS mandate does.

And, by the way, none of the last year's several attempts to re-work the mandate (and more to come) would have been necessary.

Why do you liberals defend his course of action? Why do reward him for it?

(Then there's Garage, who doesn't care about any of this; he just tells people and their consciences to "f*** off.")
the irony in all of this is that it WAS unnecessary: Catholics tend to back Obama, but instead of giving a small pass to their church rules, he is "in their face". So many of us must oppose his actions. What makes it worse was the democrats refused to put it into the huge health care bill that no one read (and several prolife Democrats voted for it because he promised to add it by a priviso later, and the went back on his promise).

So why pick a fight with the church, who is a valuable ally? See previous messy post about the talking points. The church is a minority, but a large one, and if you add it to the evangelicals and Muslims who are prolife, you have almost half the population. So Obama is trying to split those of us who are "social welfare" catholics from the "conservatives", overlooking that even the most liberal catholics remember our history both in the old country and here.

There was a post by Damien thompson awhile back about a lot of priests in the UK signing a petition against gay marriage. Most folks assumed this was the conservative ones, but he knows who is who and pointed out that it included a lot of the more liberal leaders in the UK Church, who tend to be pro gay rights but not when they see a law that will lead to revival of anti catholicism in the church.

That is happening in the US.

But here in the Philippines, we are also being pushed into echoing the US State department agenda: Catholics are being warned that first it is "RH Bill" that will fine you if you criticize contraception, then it will be divorce on demand, then it will be abortion and gay marriage. The pope has warned us to expect an expose of abuse cases (here a lot of rural priests have "second wives", as mistresses are known, but no one cares, and a lot of the priests are related to the powerful families, which might stop things if it gets too rough, since most of the politicians have a "second wife" or two. PNoy? Probably gay, or maybe just a celibate nerd. His ex girlfriend isn't telling....).

Here in the Philippines, we are under pressure by China, so the US is important, but you should read the blogs and editorials of Africans, who are really opposed to this agenda. But that's another story for another blogl


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