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Friday, December 14, 2007


Another day, another Anti Christian film

French producer Philippe Rebboah says Spears is a great choice to play the pregnant virgin who gives birth on Christmas Eve. The film entitled Sweet Baby Jesus is a satirical retelling of the nativity story.

Of course, Brittney hasn't accepted the contract, and this "producer" (of two films) has made the announcement already....meaning he needs publicity and used her name to hype it.

There are good films out there, but when it comes to religion--or even simple PG films with a pro family theme, there is a dearth of good films. Barbara Nicolosi sniffs at "Christian" films like the sleeper hit "Bella": yet the fact that Bella is a hit suggests a large untapped audience that would come out to see good films. In the meanwhile, we are stuck watching reruns of Ratatoulle and Enchanted.

However, for those who would like to hit the religious audience, I could suggest some interesting books that might make films or tv series. Nicolosi might prefer something more ethereal, but if you want to make money, try one of these:

1) "Tumbleweed": about a social worker promoting racial justice in the 1940's. Her biography starts with the word "sex"...(she is telling off a rich lady who criticized Harlem prostitutes). Eddie Doherty, a thrice married debonaire reporter and screenwriter falls in love with her while doing a story. He could be played by Richard Gere. Catherine could be played by any enthusiastic blond actress with a big bosum (sorry, Meryl).

2). Father Albert Braun he got a DSC in WWI, and while working with the Apache he volunteered to go with the NMNG...and ended up at Bataan (and received a SilverStar). His last days were spent working with the homeless in a wheelchair.

3) The Mitford Books. We've had alcoholic priests and weirdo ministers, so it would be nice to have a "normal" priest in a movie or TV series....and, being Episcopalian, he has a love interest...

4). If we were going into R rated movied, one of Father Greeley's romance novels would be a good movie. There must be a reason the Cardinal Sins hasn't been made into a movie...



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