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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pedophilia and Psychology

The link is to an article on a conservative US website about how Rogerian psychology and denial of the traditional sexual ethics destroyed the IHS nuns and got embedded in the "Pink" seminaries that were supposed to teach men how to be good and wise priests.

I have to say as a doctor, we learned some of this stuff in medical school, and most of the "it's okay" was the norm.
Indeed, we were told that holding in our sexual impulses was the reason for schizophrenia and other mental diseases that now are recognized as being biochemical.

If I remember correctly, ten percent of physicians have had sexual contact with patients, and it's much higher with psychiatrists...but much of it is heterosexual.

As for the "no harm": I was told by one nurse in AA that half of the men in her group became drunks because of sexual abuse as teenagers. Some had been in boarding schools, but not all...much of the abuse was drug or alcohol related...

Luckily for me, I was not in the US when a lot of this went on, but a priest told my son's 8th grade class that masturbation was okay (my son was adopted and 16 and angry at such wrong teaching, but not fluent enough in English to tell off the priest).


I also know one good bishop who told an audience that he had sent a priest for psychological treatment and was assured he was cured: Essentially he bowed to the authorities who told him that everything was okay...and of course it wasn't.


So this year is the year of the priest.

I once belonged to the lay carmelite groups and we prayed for priests. I lost touch and as a busy doc said the prayers of the office and rosary on and off since then, but I think now that I'm retired I'll have to go back to remembering priests in my prayers.


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