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Friday, July 30, 2010

Killing grandmom and cripples

Disability group blog "Not Dead Yet" reports that the National Catholic Register has an article on how well funded activists are promoting killing grandmom and crips all over the US.

, Tucker gave a slide presentation on why people chose assisted suicide. The statistics showed that “91% of those surveyed gave ‘a loss of autonomy’” as their reason for asking for a lethal overdose, followed by “the patients’ inability to engage in life fully,” Keeler remembered.

She added: “Far down on the list was the issue of ‘unrelieved pain.’” In other words, Keeler noted, “pain was not the chief reason, or even the more prominent reason, that people asked for help in dying.”

Bob Liston is disabled and has problems with the idea that those advocating for assisted suicide are really doing so out of a true concern for the suffering.

Liston is an organizer for Not Dead Yet in Montana, a group officially opposed to assisted suicide and euthanasia, and works for Adapt, a national disability-rights organization. He told the Register, “I think that in Montana it is unnecessary for an assisted suicide law to be written because we already have laws on the books that allow a physician to provide palliative care up to and including efforts that might hasten death.” He added: “So, I have a really hard time seeing why we need to go beyond this.”

It is the faulty assumptions about those whose lives it will affect that he finds upsetting. “Compassion & Choices … seems to think that taking one’s own life is dignified, often using the example of [a disabled person’s need for assistance with personal care and hygiene] as a reason to not go on living.” But he adds that some disabled people need this kind of total assistance on a daily basis “and are grateful for it.”

Compassion & Choices “puts forth the argument that so few people in Oregon have chosen assisted suicide [because] the guidelines are so strict. Nothing could be further from the truth,” he insisted, adding: “We have no idea what is really going on in Oregon because recordkeeping is not required.”


  • Hi,
    I'm Robin's friend, Susan. I like your blog. I can learn a lot. Re: 'Compassion and Choices', once named Albigensianism...rename it compassion?? and that makes it all better? It grieves me that so many modernists & post modernists, including many Catholics in the US, fall for these twisted semantics. Thanks for your blog posts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:57 AM  

  • hi!
    My Lifetime goal was to find someone named Boinky and i finally found that person! YOU!!! you are awesome!! :)
    you are, like, the best person ever! whats it like in the Phillipines?!???!?
    From, a person in CANADA!! WOOOOO

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