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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Paul VI was right

Last week the NYTimes had an article on why marriage should not be monogamous.

GetReligion blog has an expose on the "expert" who wrote the article, an aggressive gay activist, and includes this in their essay:

This puffy discussion of the benefits of consensual adultery could be seen as part of the political and cultural movement to divorce marriage from the purpose of the creation, care and raising of children, but at least the topic is broached of how social norms change as laws governing sex change. But this biological reality of how intercourse and intercourse alone result in procreation, around which the institution of marriage has traditionally been based, is only given the briefest possible mention — a phrase — before being basically ignored for the rest of the piece in which monogamy is characterized as little more than “boredom, despair, lack of variety and sexual death.”

it is part of the deconstruction of marriage after delinking sex from love and from procreation, making it a non moral recreation.

and so women abort the children accidentally conceived, or end up raising them without a spouse since the man eschews his responsibility, and of course, when they are old and alone, society will offer them euthanasia.


  • "when they are old and alone, society will offer them euthanasia."

    Not before freezing their eggs first for future ESCR and IVF purposes. Oh my.

    By Blogger WillyJ, at 9:27 AM  

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