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Thursday, May 17, 2012

just thinking

The usually serene Anchoress is worried that Obama is openly attempting to cause a schism in the Catholic church: Key quote comes from a film on her blog:
“Tell President Obama to respect a woman’s choice to practice her beliefs…not his.”
this especially goes for Obama's pushing his sexual mores on countries that still rely on strong family ties and customs to care for each other.

Here, Senator Manny, aka Pacman, who recently found religion, is now under attack. (via Drudge)

 In Paquiao's case, it might backfire.

Right now, the church is being attacked for opposing an RH bill to "control population" by pushing it to the poor ingovernment clinics (as opposed to supplying it via the private sector, as it is now). Along with this is a new "sex ed" course in public schools, and in the wings, legal divorce and abortion.

 PNoy is trying to counter the Catholic opposition to these bills by courting the Evangelicals, a group that includes many businessmen and middle class people and does use birth control.

And everyone, including the Pope, is worried that soon there will be an explosion of abuse or similar charges against the church here in the Philippines, in order to destroy it as was done in Ireland (where 257 cases of abuse over 85 years was blown out of proportion to destroy people's beliefs).

But  when it comes to gays, who are not really discriminated againt here in the sexually easy going Philippines, it is the Evangelicals who also would be more strict.... the result of gay bigotry against the hero of the Philippines might result in his support by that influential group also (like Estrada, he is a populist from the people, not a scion of the rich families, like Arroyo or Aquino and most of those who run the Philippines).

The old Lefty Bishop Cruz comments here pretty well gives the problem: Making population control the cure all, because they see fewer poor people the way to eliminate poverty when corruption and bribery is the real reason for poverty...

I've worked in third world countries, and we provided contraception to space children to protect the lives of the mother and child was part of our outreach. But this was voluntary, and not government mandated, and used local "pill ladies" to supply contraceptives...

But once you get governments involved, you get human rights abuses, since it makes children the enemy to be eliminated....and programs in such diverse places as India and Peru (not to mention China) have resulted in horrific human rights abuses, where the governments, not the women, making the choice.

as for "same sex marriage": the problem with this is that this idea is based on the modern feminist idea that gender is a social construct, and that there is no difference between men and women. And this gender confusion in the US is simply not backed by either custom or biology. To make things worse, many people here are aghast at the promiscuity of our TV shows...what we see on some shows here would make Nero blush...

Societal and religious leaders point to the poor state of  women in the US, who are abandoned to raise their children alone, suggests the modern deconstruction of gender is not a good idea, and indeed, might be working against the stability of the family.

Poor people who have experience know this, which is why Obama's gay rights agenda is so abhorrent to poor countries, that see this as an attack against the family...


update; I edited the article and tried to make it clearer and posted in on BloggerNews LINK


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