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Saturday, November 10, 2012

ByeBye Bishops

USCCB (catholic bishops spokesman) Sister Walsh says the bishops will go from confrontation to cooperation.

Because it worked so well in the past that few catholic were aware that the bishops said anything bad about voting in a president who approves post birth abortions and actively used his front groups to promote anti catholic "reformers" as equal to the bishops.

a more realistic view is on Father Schall's essay:

We may need to be preparing for more direct persecution for religious doctrines and prudential norms. The state in effect has now consolidated its responsibility for all aspects of our lives from before conception to “helping” us to the cemeteries as expeditiously and conveniently as possible.  The Church will be deeply divided; those who voted for the president will now claim that they have been “protecting” the Church all along. But, in exchange, the Church will need to “downplay” (read, stop) its strident opposition to the now widely approved “rights” that justify these actions.  It will only be necessary on a few outmoded doctrines about sex to change things. In any case, those who gets any assistance from the state must conform to all the laws and mandates of the state, including ones that go against objective standards or subjective conscience. 

he also notes;
Some even think that Robert Hugh Benson’s 1907 novel, The Lord of the World, describes what next to expect. 
 What is unrolling in front of our eyes is the scenerio prophecized by the late David Wilkerson many years ago. Wilkerson stopped giving popular "crusades" after being given a book on the Christian life after a talk, and took a year off to pray.

What will happen next is persecution, slowly then snowballing.

He also predicted the sexual downfall of church leaders, and the downfall of Catholics because of the church bureaurcracy. As a protestant, he also lamented that the born again Catholics will revert to rules and old traditions. I see that occuring now, with good catholics who stress their type of devotions instead of love of Jesus as the cornerstone for their lives...uh fellahs, Mary leads us to Jesus, the Latin Mass was too often meaningless, and a lot of the pious rule keeping meant the rules were more important than the essence of giving our life to God. Yet I still love receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, and the rosary does lead me to think of Jesus (if prayed properly, one prays at three levels).

But if we are bringing up prophecies another one strikes my mind: That the Philippines will bring the revival of the church. When I first heard of it back in the 1970's, I thought it was crazy, but now, with ten percent of our population all over the world, it does make sense.

Oh well : I am old, but God is in control...

now if we only could get our waterpump fixed so I can get a good night sleep maybe I won't be so paranoid...


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