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Thursday, June 03, 2010

When black is white

What do you do when the lies of the news media respins the truth to tell you that black is white?

Belmont club's essay about the PC in international affairs is telling: He discusses the fanatasy of "peace activists" whose "humanitarian relief ships" are suspected of trying to smuggle arms into Gaza in plain sight, and of North Korea killing 40 plus South Korean sailors with a deliberate attack on one of their ships.

Both cases demonstrate that nothing is more paramount either to the establishment nor to the politically correct sections of the media than the maintenance of a lie. For the lie is in the service of the greater good. High reasons of policy will be invoked to explain why the truth should not be so. But the extreme reliance on fantasy by parts of the Western establishment goes well beyond surrounding a kernel of the truth with a “bodyguard of lies.” Instead it is the lie itself which is guarded by even more falsehoods. Gradually and inexorably, an entire political class has staked its existence on continuation of falsehood. The greater good is the fiction. Deception has become a necessity in itself.

As a result, any moderately well informed individual knows that there is no Islamic extremism, nor even terrorism. There are only man made disasters. Everybody knows that we can borrow our way out of debt, that the welfare state is the sustainable wave of the future; that Egypt has no border with Gaza through which it can provide supplies if it wanted; that the UN has kept Hezbollah from importing hundreds of missiles into Lebanon; that the thought of a handful of Jews has kept hundreds of millions of oil-rich Muslims from attaining prosperity; and that Global Warming is the main danger facing the planet Earth. That these assertions are untrue hardly matters; that they are indisputable is what seems to count. For who shall dispute them?

Reality might. And therein lies the problem.

Reminds one of "Peace in our time", when Chamberlain was a hero and Churchill was exiled and not able to get his opinions published.

Yet the lie goes deeper.

One only has to look at the "spin" on pedophilia, headlines that distort what went on (which was terrible, but alas not unusual in those days...I was the doc who saw all the girls in our small town. Few perpetrators were jailed, and the one or two who did get convicted usually did so on a plea bargain and got a slap on the wrist for years of abuse, but the girls who testified were left with nightmares of a court case where the guilty party's lawyers brow beat them and ridiculed them and tried to trip them up in court, as if they were lying).

Yes, abuse your daughter, get six months in jail on a plea bargain, and even then, Newsweek had an article insisting that "jail time" should not be considered: the family would be destroyed, the perpetrator might be abused himself by ordinary theives and murderers who look down on child molesters, and of course, these nice men could be rehabilitated by counseling.

Too bad that article isn't on line nowadays. Rewriting history is not left to the Stalinists.

Yet we also see the propaganda in favor of socialized medicine, the health care bill "not paying for abortions" (right), there will be no medical rationing (right), gays are no different so let them marry (no one bothered to visit the bathhouses, I guess, or admit that marriage means living together, not fidelity? At least for men).

No wonder conspiracy theories abound.

Right now, I am depressed, and every time I pray I am hit with a thought of a mistake (sometimes not my mistake, or sometimes something I did right, but didn't help) that stops my prayers. All I can do is lay it at the foot of the cross, and try to go back to praying, which sometimes is not possible.

So now I am trying not to become paranoid about the signs of the times: I have to remember that all is in God's control....even the bad things might be allowed because the world is rejecting his word.

So I turn back to trying to pray....


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