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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The pro death people are trying to get the Philippines to change their laws

There is a well documented story on the internet that the US is pressuring Kenya to okay a rewritten constitution that legalizes abortion, never mind that Christians, Muslims and those following traditional religion see this as murder.

well, we have another propaganda piece in today's Inquirer:

1000 women die each year from illegal abortion.
If true, that means abortion is rare here in the Philippines, since some "septic abortions" are due to incomplete miscarriages where part of the placenta is left behind and gets infected, or from miscarriages due an IUD being in place that causes it to get infected.

But you know they are lying when they "estimate" half a million women attempt to abort themselves. How do they know?

I suspect they made up the number, using statistics from the west that show one out of three to one out of four pregnancies are aborted.

In the Philippines, there are 2 million births a year.
So if you use western statistics and estimate 25% of that number, voila, instant half a million women "trying" to abort.

Then they get the numbers:

About 90,000 women suffer from abortion complications and an estimated 1,000 die each year

really? Where did that statistic come from?

Yes, my cousin was upset and told me about an illegal abortion where she fought to save the mom's life. But that incident was 2 years ago.

I have no doubts that some of these woman are aborting, but the ironic part is that even if abortion was legal, one doubts that the numbers would be much better, unless you command every nurse midwife to do abortions, there just is no way to get more "abortion providers". Heck, even in the US they have trouble recruiting folks to do abortions, so why do they think that pious Catholic or Muslim midwives, or doctors, will do them?

But never mind. This is from the Guttmacher people, the ones who back eugenics and praise population control in China


  • The report itself (on page 13) said it relied only on 53 interviews and on "secondary sources containing public health data relating to unsafe abortion, which is very limited as a result of the criminal ban."

    Some estimate.

    By Blogger WillyJ, at 2:42 PM  

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