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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Actually the photo came with one of the "cute kitten emails that go around the world" from Eng Hamid.

St Francis of Assisi once preached to the birds when the people wouldn't listen, and once, when a town wanted to go out and kill a predator wolf, he talked to the wolf and made an agreement he wouldn't kill their sheep if they left food out for him.

So he is the patron saint of Treehuggers.

But he was more than that: He probably saved the church by reforming it in the 11th century.

And I hate the movies made about him: which either show him as a wimp or someone with the blank stare of a cult follower or schizophrenic.  I almost hit the wall with my shoe when I started viewing one on Youtube that showed him too effete to fight in battle for Assisi so he fled home...hello...he not only fought, but was a POW for a year.

Hmmm...maybe they should make him the patron saint of POW's and soldiers with PTSS...

Which probably made him a pacifist.

So years later, when he visited the Muslims, it was not in a crusade, but as a pilgrim, and the Sultan saw him as a holy man and let him return home. Wikipedia has a few versions of the story,including some far out myths,  and one wonders what really happened.

But what is true is that the Franciscans have traditionally been allowed to care for Christians in the Muslim lands, and it is believed (but not proven) that this was due to Francis one way or another.


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