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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Culture war stuff

Blackfive talked to some rural white folks in Ohio and found they were not planning to vote because they were disenchanted with government, figuring both parties would do their thing no matter what.

Then there is the "horror" that Catholics voted 50 percent for Obama even though Obama is being sued by the Catholics for making them support contraception/abortion.

Well, all I can say about this is the dirty little secret is that Romney is Obama lite: Romney care also required contraceptive coverage and mandated Catholic hospitals (and docs) give out the abortion causing morning after pill.

Similarly, when a lesbian judge mandated gay marriage, Romney's response was nothing. He did not help grass roots groups to stop the law.

Of course, I am a filipino now, so what does that mean?

Obama care means lots of old fashioned docs retiring, so lots of Pinoy docs will find jobs.

But it also means more harassment from the US if we don't pass the RH Bill. Right now, a senator who dared to quote a speech has been openly accused of plagerism. Joe Biden plagerized, no problem, but this guy is pro life.

So lots of liberal money in this.

Ironically at the same time, it means that Obama might send the USNavy to Subic, but they will stand around not doing anything. So the Philippines, which traditionally depended on the US to defend our borders and the local shipping lanes/fishing area inside our Economic zone, now has to buy weapons, especially ships and planes. So PNoy just bought French planes and arranged to buy ships etc. from Canada.



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